Plants from pencils? That’s right! Once you’ve finished with your Ecò pencil, plant it and watch it grow!

These Ecò Pencils are tipped with seed capsules for growing herbs such as basil and lucky clover.

100% eco-friendly and lead-free. Ecò pencils are made from only natural and biodegradable components.
The perfect gift for creative kids, school children and adults, or for anyone who loves new eco friendly ideas.

Material: WoodProduct Size: 8.5 x 2 x .5 "

Additional charge for OPP plastic. Please confirm this before payment.

Ecò Plantable Seed Pencil

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  • This Ecò Pencil is a fun way to make sustainability visible and easy to understand.


    Look closely at the tip of this unique pencil and you’ll see a small seed capsule. When your Ecò pencil is too short to be used, simply plant it and watch it grow into a basil plant or lucky clover or many other plant varieties.