Why fill up landfills with plastic when you don’t have to? Help the environment, and feel better about your mark on this world with Bamboo Toothbrush! It’s the ecological way to not only keep your mouth fresh for just as long as a normal toothbrush, but help the environment at the same time!

SMOOTH & NATURAL BAMBOO HANDLE – will never splinter and is water resistant. Stronger and harder than wood, Bamboo is also more durable and healthier than any plastic. No need to dry the handle after use, just rinse your toothbrush and put back into its holder, just like you would with any other old plastic toothbrush.

100% RECYCLED BIODEGRADABLE PACKAGING – even the packaging is made with craft paper,no worries about it polluting the environment when you throw it away.


Available in sets of two, three, and five. Please choose the color of your choice. 


Length: 9.8in

Handle: 0.5in


Ecò Natural Biodegradable Charcoal Bamboo Toothbrush

₱85.00 Regular Price
₱55.00Sale Price
  • ORGANIC MATERIAL + BEAUTIFUL WHITE SMILE! - Use twice a day, and you will notice whiter, brighter, and smoother teeth! Feel amazing about making an ecological decision! By going with Natural Toothbrush, you'll keep your teeth super clean, your mouth fresh, and contribute to helping out the environment! Use GlorySmile Bamboo Toothbrush and feel incredible, because you are using a natural and renewable resource while helping to rid of plastic pollution!


    BPA FREE BRISTLES – Throw away your old plastic toothbrushes, because our soft and organic material is much more enjoyable, durable, and healthy!


    100% PLASTIC FREE & ZERO WASTE – We have done the work for you to minimize waste by using as little packaging as possible, and using recycled material. We want you to feel amazing about using toothbrushes like ours that are made of biodegradable and sustainable bamboo. If you are hygiene and environmentally conscious, this is the set for you!


    BIODEGRADABLE & SOFT – This natural bamboo handle is 100% biodegradable! Natural toothbrushes are stronger and much smoother than steel! Don't stress about the handle ever getting a splinter! The medium bristles compliment the very soft and water resistant handle. We stand behind the quality of our products. Should you have a problem with our toothbrushes, please reach out to us.